What do we do?

Serving as a third-party service provider, we handle all the tasks in software development projects to offer services at sensible prices. Our dedicated team has a strong foundation of technology to assist you at any stage of your product development life cycle, from discovery to ongoing post-launch enhancement.

At IDS Software, types of IT Outsourcing that we provide:

  • Offshore Outsourcing
  • Onshore Outsourcing 
  • Nearshore Outsourcing

When it comes to software development outsourcing, there are 3 remarkable factors to make it competitive compared to other types of services: working process, dedicated team model, and technologies.

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Working process

At IDS Software. we comply with 100% Agile/ Scrum Process. We enable continuous iteration of development and testing throughout the software development life cycle of the project. This method allows customers to track the process and response for alterations if necessary, which leads to time-saving and risk reduction.

Agile software development focuses on the clean delivery of individual pieces or parts of the software instead of the entire application. Therefore, it is suitable for outsourcing services to offer the most effective work to companies already having the software or needing to make an upgrade or tool addition.

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Dedicated team

The dedicated team software development model offers developers who work full-time exclusively for one client but are hired by the software company. The dedicated team software development model is based on setting up a more autonomous team of developers who work full-time for one client exclusively. Therefore, they can completely focus on the required project at a time, and clients are given full management control over the project and team. 

Here is the explanation for a clear idea of:  How can you easily track your project?

Moreover, team chemistry is no longer a problem as they have already worked together in the previous projects. These software development models are almost always cheaper than in-house recruitment. Clients can customize their dedicated team based on their own requirements to make the best benefits for both sides.

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We also graded our staff according to their skills and experience, guaranteeing the on-time execution of the project. The teams are split into the following groups: 

  • Project Manager
  • Scrum Master
  • Business Analysts
  • Mobile App Developer (Android/ iOS)
  • Web Developer
  • Quality Assurance (QA)/Testers
  • UX/UI Designer





We are composed of developers that are proficient in various languages like Java, Python, or Swift to deliver different tasks to our customers. Having experience in executing individual parts for websites, CMSs, mobile apps, and other tools, we are confident to bring you competitive and efficient software development outsourcing services.

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