6 Noticeable Fintech Trends In 2020 To Follow

September 23rd 2020, 5:45 am Author: P.Chau

As the digital transformation takes over the industry, enterprises are keeping their eyes on the latest fintech trends in 2020 to enhance their business.

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Tourism Technology Trends For Businesses To Bounce Back After The Pandemic

August 25th 2020, 10:12 am Author: P.Chau

The tourism industry has endured a slump in profit due to the pandemic. To bounce back strongly, many businesses have innovated their tourism technology.

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Easier Access To Home Repairs with Real Estate Maintenance Tools

August 19th 2020, 10:16 am Author: P.Chau

Created to save time and cost, real estate maintenance software applications have improved communication between home repairs agencies, workers and users.

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Ease Off Real Estate Valuation with Analysis Tools

August 18th 2020, 4:43 am Author: P.Chau

Playing the role of central hubs, analysis tools have assisted many people in the real estate valuation process by gathering data from various sources.

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Benefits of Hiring A Dedicated Team

August 11th 2020, 10:40 am Author: P.Chau

The dedicated team model is nothing new to businesses, especially tech firms. What is it and why has it become more and more popular?

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