IDS Software is an agile software development company, delivering various services such as software application development, website development and maintenance, mobile application development or web deployment. All of our software development services can be divided into 2 main groups: custom software development and software development outsourcing services (onshore vs offshore). Speaking of custom software development, we have been bringing successful projects written in many programming languages, like Python web development products or Java web development ones. On the other hand, IDS Software is composed of high-quality software developers that are able to support outsourcing services. Working with a diversity of clients from Europe, America to Asia, we have solid experience in bringing dynamic solutions to leverage businesses in different industries.

Software Development Outsourcing

IDS Software offer software development outsourcing services to help you pull off your projects with less stress and less cost. The offshoring definition has become the norm in the technology industry, supporting HR outsourcing services with many benefits. Our dedicated team has strong skill sets to assist you at any stage of your product development life cycle, from discovery to ongoing post-launch enhancement.

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Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development refers to web or mobile application development for a specific group of users within an organization. If you have an idea, let us know to help you carry on the rest. We apply the rapid application development model to the entire process to meet a narrowly defined set of requirements, including consultancy and maintenance services.

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Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a type of artificial intelligence that improves the prediction power of software applications while not requiring overly detailed instructions to do so. Using machine learning algorithms, predictions are made based on historical data. IDS provides Machine Learning services to help your business maximize in automation, tracking customer's behavior, personalization in marketing...

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CUSTOMER-ORIENTED SERVICES: We understand that each business has different strengths and identities, which require tailored-solutions to utilize their potential. Therefore, we always try our best to not only offer the most innovative services but also the most suitable ones for our clients.

100% TRANSPARENCY & RISK MANAGEMENT: To keep you in control of the project status, our company uses tangible progress and process metrics, custom daily reporting dashboards, documentation updates, and onsite visits. Well-timed feedback helps detect and handle outsourcing risks early on.

INTEGRATION & ENHANCEMENT: We build software that can be seamlessly integrated with your internal systems or third-party services. Besides, we will track the app’s efficiency and analyze the stats to enhance user acquisition, make feedback-driven updates, and develop new features.