Software Outsourcing Reduces Stress and Costs for HR Officers

May 14th 2020, 11:32 am Author: P.Chau

Hardly has recruitment been easy, definitely not in the technology industry. It’s even more challenging in this Covid-19 pandemic as direct interactions are minimized. As a result, software development outsourcing is chosen by many HR (human resource) executives.

The demand for Software Development Outsourcing

Recruitment is one of the most important and challenging tasks that every HR (human resource) officer has to face, especially whenever a new project is about to kick off. A recruiting process can consume a lot of time, effort, and maybe a bit of luck. In the software development industry, this human resource challenge is even more difficult. 

Well-paid and in-demand, IT jobs are among the fastest-growing by 2024, according to a report by U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. More than five million jobs in information technology are expected to be added globally by 2027. It will be a real battle in recruiting IT talents. Therefore, many recruiters have laid their trust in software development outsourcing companies.

Software Development Outsourcing is the act of choosing a third-party software development supplier to manage all the tasks involved in a development project. Clients work with a dedicated team including proficient software development professionals on a long-term basis. 

The dedicated team model is suitable for projects that alter their scopes frequently. Team members are selected based on the required skillset and experience. Therefore, this model is also perfect for non-tech-based clients whose in-house team lacks specifically technical skills and expertise. 

Adapting to clients’ tasks, software development outsourcing has relieved HR officers from the urge of recruiting skillful professionals.

HR officers are stress-relieved thanks to software outsourcing

As we all know, recruitment is a struggling and challenging process, especially for the positions that need experienced professionals who are able to complete the scopes immediately with as little training as possible. High standards set, limited time allowed, yet HR specialists have to find the fitted software engineers. Any hasty decision can be time and money consuming. 

Nevertheless, software development outsourcing can cut down your time as well as minimize the risks in your recruitment process. Outsourcing gives recruiters access to talents from all around the world. It is much more difficult to hire high-quality full-time employees than to outsource the tasks to a dedicated team composed of excellent members. 

Moreover, most software development outsourcing companies handle the legal paperwork and customs so that clients don’t have to go through regulatory compliance. Therefore they can save time for other investments that matter. In addition, dedicated team members usually have worked together before, guaranteeing team chemistry. Good teamwork leads to good results. 

Since the outbreak of Coronavirus, software outsourcing has been becoming more and more relevant. It’s not easy to choose a suitable employee through just 2 or 3 rounds of online interviews. Meanwhile, both HR officers and managers can evaluate the skills and qualities of outsourcing members based on their portfolio and previous clients’ feedback.

Software outsourcing is also cost-efficient

In the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, following a remarkable slump in retail, many companies have either closed or cut down their staff. Therefore, cost-saving has become the priority criteria in recruitment. Not only taking the edge off the stress on recruiters, but software development outsourcing also reduces costs, compared to hiring an entire in-house team. 

Firstly, the labor costs in outsourcing countries like Vietnam, the Philippines, or India are usually much more affordable than those of developed countries. Despite the efficient costs, outsourcing companies still have to ensure quality. 

Moreover, the outsourcing team members work remotely from their own places. Therefore, rent is not a problem. Businesses don’t have to cover insurance, transportation allowance, or any other benefit like company trips, team-building trips either.

To many HR officers, software development outsourcing can be the ideal solution to the recruitment challenge with its enormous advantages. Established as an agile software outsourcing company, IDS Software has solid experience in assisting businesses to innovate their technology with our various services. 

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