Why Enonic XP might be your best choice for CMS?

August 3rd 2020, 10:04 am Author: P.Chau

Among well-known CMS platforms like Wordpress, Drupal, NEOS… Enonic has risen as one of the best. Just released in 2015, Enonic lures developers with convenient features. So, what are they? What has made a “latecomer” like Enonic stand out in the industry?

To many businesses, their websites and other digital platforms like social media are like their faces that are worth investing in to create good impressions on their customers. Therefore, they have been laying their trust in web management software, content management systems (CMSs) to create and publish their content on different channels. Among well-known CMS platforms like Wordpress, Drupal, NEOS… Enonic has risen as one of the best. Just released in 2015, Enonic lures developers with convenient features. So, what are they? What has made a “latecomer” like Enonic stand out in the industry?

The key lies in the user experience that Enonic brings out. Imagine being a newbie to the tool, you would want an easy-to-use one with integrated features to manage your website and email marketing. Compared to other web management platforms, Enonic has some innovative strengths, supporting developers to customize the CMS as required and enabling users to edit content with simple steps. 


Enonic XP powered platforms allow users to customize different types of the website content, such as landing pages, blogs, testimonials or case studies. They also guarantee the quality of display visual, as well as clearly structured content. Moreover, these platforms support users across various digital devices natively.

The way Enonic XP manages highly organized material is by a stable tree layout and schema-based editing—with the graphic models comfortably flowing out of the editors' pockets. The same types of content will look the same, independent of the authors of the content. 


Nowadays, omnichannel is becoming popular in marketing, enhancing the consistent and thorough experience for target audiences. Therefore, the need of businesses to manage their content on different channels is undeniable. Fully responsive with complete functionality across all devices, even mobile screens or PC monitors, Enonic XP enables viewers to experience comprehensively. 

Moreover, content creators are not staying at the same place with their PC or laptop but moving a lot with their mobile devices. Meeting users’ requirements, our admin tool provides a responsive preview for you to edit your content with any device, as well as to know how your website looks before publishing.


One thing people usually find annoying when using a CMS is that the scale and size of images are not always fit for their usage purpose. Visualization plays an important role in attracting viewers, and definitely you can’t catch their attention by low-definition images or photos that are not in the proper ratios. 

With Enonic XP, you don’t have to worry about that as the correct focal points are applied to all photos, regardless of their ratio. Moreover, viewers can have a smoother experience without unnecessary wait caused by too high-resolution images as the Enonic automatically resizes photos to the standard size.


Enonic XP has a rich app marketplace, and the SEO meta fields app is one of the most popular. This means that the Enonic-powered website also features powerful search engine optimization — attracting the right audience with the right keywords.

The SEO meta field app ensures that Open Graph, Twitter Cards, Google Search Console and Canonical meta tags are all supported by all your websites. This ensures that you can modify and monitor the theme, meta summary, and picture that will be shown in the social network previews and search engine tests.


Websites not only include text, photos or any kind of fixed content but also enable utilities. With Enonic XP, it's simple to create services that fit seamlessly with your normal content, instead of pressing a button that will take you to a totally different location. Apps are more fluid and rich in functionality whereas texts and photographs are more static material.

The combination of software and resources makes for a smooth overall user interface. The customer does not see that the website is driven by multiple systems — it should look like one integrated, interactive interface.


To software developers, the biggest benefit from Enonic XP powered websites is that they can keep building constantly. However, users won’t recognize the digital platforms are being updated since the back-end developers take care of this in a background process. Enonic XP's fast , secure, and consistent ecosystem satisfies any creator, author, and guest. Just like it should have been.

To own a CMS tool, businesses often look for software outsourcing companies to execute. Each team/company has different choices, depending on software developers’ expertise and customers’ requirements. If you want a simple tool for publishing blogs only, you can choose platforms like Wordpress or Drupal to manage your digital content. Meanwhile, if you want a tool with integrated e-commerce or marketing automation, Enonic XP should be considered.

In terms of web management software, IDS Software prefers using Enonic XP to build our tools. Even our website is run by a CMS customized on Enonic XP platform. This allows our software developers to make alterations after deploying to meet the requirements. On the other hand, our content creators, the frequent users, are enabled to produce and publish multimedia content on different platforms.

Having solid experience in the media industry, IDS Software has delivered different projects related to CMSs for various clients. We are able to design and execute a customized CMS based on your own requirements, utilizing your potential to take your business into a new scale. If you have any inquiry, feel free to contact us.


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