Digital content creation is thriving with a fast pace in these recent years. To build brand names and engage better with customers, businesses publish content on different platforms like websites, newspapers, emails. Do you need an ideal tool that supports businesses in website management and updating? CMS (Content management system) sounds great. This software application aids create, manage or modify digital content. Many enterprises are craving for it, especially news agencies, which are in need of innovatively digital tools for multimedia content creation. 

Nowadays, journalists are more like “jacks of all trades”, who are able to create all types of content, from text, image, sound to video. The question is, how can they present them in the most effective and attractive way? A specific creation tool that is easy to use, like IPTC, is the answer for modern journalists as it allows them to combine all forms of materials into a unified post.

Moreover, global media newsrooms are taking over traditional ones to connect government, professionals and journalists. Therefore, converting the core information from a language to another is also a challenge.


Having solid experiences in the mass media field, IDS uses Java enterprise, which is suitable for a big-scale and traditional company, which is Belga in this case. Press Release is developed as a news hub for 5 agencies, enabling sharing and editing content. IDS have defined our own configuration workflow, as well as a wizard to make the content process smoother. Thanks to that, users can create, publish and manage content on different channels through one site with fewer and easier steps. 

To ensure the global growth of businesses, we also provide multilingual support and integrate other systems by newsml/restapi. Journalists from different geographical backgrounds can join in building and sharing content in their own languages and have it translated to other ones.


Gaining trust from over 4,000 companies, Press Release has helped generate more than 100,000 press releases. The number of users has risen to 20,000, including 2,000 professionals.