“A photo speaks a thousand words” is a quote that never gets old. Nowadays, visualization has become an integral part of content creation. Editorial and creative photos are purchased for journalism and marketing purposes. The demand on the quantity and quality of photos is rising rapidly. 

Therefore, a site that can store the massive number of photos uploaded everyday is definitely in need. In addition to that, image trading is getting more and more common, with various prices for equivalent resolution. As a result, search tools are smarter to meet users’ requirements. They have to allow users to search for images based on keywords, subjects, shapes or similar images. 

On the other hand, copyright is a massive concern which needs efficient solutions to cut down and prevent. All of those reasons make image storage websites in high demand as at least thousands of photos are published per day. They also have to contain intelligent features to ensure ownership and precision when searching.


To handle the high workload (more than 15,000 photos per day), Belga Image uses Java enterprise (Spring) for better performance and security. We have defined our own cloud image storage to maximize capacity for the mass quantity of images. 

Besides, we find modern UI user-friendly to make the system responsive to various commands. For better image recognition, we cooperate with third parties to prevent content replication. We also use Solr search in the background for more precise results.


Currently, Belga Image holds a database of more than 120 million photos from over 500 photographers. The website has brought satisfaction to 10,000 users through more than 1 million transactions.