Every month, reporters have at least around 7 to 10 events like press conferences, product launches, brand anniversaries or special occasions to cover. At the same time, companies and organizations have to invite and follow around 30 to 100 journalists attending their press conferences, financial results announcements, exhibitions... 

Therefore, a digital management tool as a personal assistant to centralize all types of press events is necessary. This kind of tool has two core functions: showing upcoming schedules and reminding about important events. Enabling event creation and editing, it also allows you to get notifications for special occasions.


Internalized for Belga members only, Belga Agenda shows full support in informing reporters about events to cover. We use Java enterprise to enhance the tool’s performance and security. Aside from basic functions of a reminder, Agenda also contains innovative features to assist reporters to handle frequent issues.

We use OneSignal for push notifications. Correspondents will be notified if there are more than one events occurring at the same time so that they won’t miss any news.

Normally, if event organizers want to invite journalists to cover their press conferences, they have to ask for the list of contacts and send every single invitation to everyone. Belga Agenda allows users to set press events on the calendar and send invitations to all Belga reporters. Editors can also assign or request reporters to collect news from events that they want.

On the other hand, if correspondents care about a particular issue or field, like feminism or zero-waste lifestyle, they can update their keyword lists to get notifications about relevant events.

Like other Belga applications, we support multi-language for integration purpose.